Unleashing The Power of
Video Big-Data Analytics

Atun™ extracts real-time business intelligence information from Video Big-Data sources
in the blink of an eye

  • Video Analytics, video streaming people count and License Plate Recognition

Derives Value from Video Big-Data

Atun™ is an open extensible platform that efficiently extracts business intelligence from Video Big-Data sources Learn More


Synthesizing Big-Data Analytics tools such as Hadoop and Spark to process and analyze massive amount of video streams accurately & in real time

Big Data Video Analytics

Cost Efficient

Extending cloud processing to video in an open platform that can be smoothly scaled in short time and in a cost-efficient manner

Ease Of Use Platform
Ease of Use

Video Analytics applications can now be developed in a matter of hours or days instead of months, using the powerful capabilities of AvidBeam Video Platform

Video Management Systems


Rich and Inclusive business intelligence reports, in elegant visual formats, which can be easily understood and acted upon accordingly

The Need for Video Analytics

Video Analytics is defined as the capability of analyzing videos to detect, determine and relate temporal and spatial events. It is a great tool to generate Business/security Intelligence Information. By 2019 Video IP traffic is going to represent 80% from the global IP traffic. therefore there is a significant need for Video Analytics platforms and applications.

Video processing is costly and can be very compute-intensive, often requiring hardware acceleration. It exhausts system memory and requires continuous management of video streams to realize a high-quality experience. In addition, video post-processing, using specialized graphics mechanisms, must be supported in order to create and view extracted and structured data. The art of converting unstructured data to structured, in a massively parallel, open architecture is at the heart of the AvidBeam video platform.

Watch AvidBeam Video Platform Demo @ Intel IDF 2015 - San Francisco

We’re the Video experts

We package, optimize, and analyze video streams to deliver the best Video experience to our clients We’re specialized in:

Video Big Data Analytics

Video Surveillance Analytics

Powerful Big-Data Analytics and data visualization for recorded surveillance videos for an efficient business and security decision making

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Adaptive Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Innovative streaming solutions that furnish bandwidth savings to surveillance providers, mobile & Internet service providers, and content distributors

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Trusted By Our Partners

Leading ecosystem vendors and operators are partnering with AvidBeam to collaborate in multiple technology domains including Video Big-Data Analytics, Video optimization, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Watch A Demo for one of our SDN/NFV projects

  • Intel & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • f5 & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • etisalat & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • sandvine & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • brocade & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • redhat & Avidbeam SDN / NFV

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